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Information on prevention of illness, first aid and self treatment of common symptoms and diseases during your travel.

Travelling in tropical and subtropical areas expose you to risk which you are not familiar with from home, and which we are not used to think about.

Diseases which are unfamiliar or which we have never heard about may seem frightening, but the risk is often small and can be reduced or entirely avoided by a little knowledge and common sense.

AccidentsAccidents Jetlag

Childhood vaccinationsChildhood vaccinations Mountain sickness

ChildrenChildren Rabies

Deep vein thrombosisDeep vein thrombosis Security

DiarrhoeaDiarrhoea Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDs

DivingDiving Sun and sunburn

First Aid kitFirst Aid kit Swimming

Heat strokeHeat stroke The travel pharmacy

Injections, tattoos, piercing and blood productsInjections, tattoos, piercing and blood products Travel with pets

Insects, repellents and bed netsInsects, repellents and bed nets Venomenous bites

JetlagJetlag When do I need to contact a doctor?