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Injections, tattoos, piercing and blood products
Injections, poorly sterilised surgical instruments, tattoos, piercing, blood and blood products can transmit serious infections.

Healthy looking people can be chronic carriers of virus like Hepatitis B, C and HIV. The infection can be transmitted by blood, syringes, and poorly sterilised instruments and by unsafe sex.

The infections are prevented by:
  • awareness of the increased risk of accidents during travels;
  • avoiding treatment with blood and blood products which has not been sufficiently tested for infections;
  • avoiding injection and treatment with instruments which has not been sterilised;
  • avoiding dentist treatment during the travel;
  • avoiding acupuncture;
  • avoiding tattoos;
  • avoiding piercing;
  • before travel have your Hepatitis B and tetanus immunisation up to date.

    Edited 26 December 2008