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Security for business and leisure travellers.

Travel document
  • Make sure your passport are valid and you have a valid visa if required.
  • Bring copies of your passport, visa tickets, credit cards, and drivers licence and travel insurance and leave a copy at home with friends or your work.
  • Your family should know your travel plans and if appropriate your work and you should agree on regular contact and provide points of contacts where you can be contacted.
  • Make a list of the most important addresses with phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Bring extra passport sized photos which may be need for a new passport or for visa applications.

  • Make sure you have the recommended vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis if appropriate for instance by checking
  • Bring any drugs in the original package to avoid problems explaining the content of anonymous looking pills in the customs. If a prescription drug, bring the prescription.
  • Bring extra glasses and contact lenses
Cash and valuables
  • Do not change more than necessary.
  • Bring more than one credit card and make sure that the credit card is commonly accepted in the country of destination.
  • Keep the cash divided in several pockets.
  • Have an extra purse with small cash in case of a robbery. The purse should be so small that you have it with you all the time.
  • Leave unnecessary valuables at home.

Clothes and luggage

  • Be discrete in dressing and choice of luggage.
  • Remove company logo and signs from the luggage.
  • Mark the luggage with your name both outside and inside.
  • The address on the outside should not be readable from a distance.
  • Do not keep personal information in the luggage.
  • Laptop, mobile phone and other equipment containing information should be kept in the hand luggage.
  • The suitcase should be strong and locked.
  • Travel light if possible.


  • Lock the door if possible so it can only be opened from within the room.
  • Do not open the door if you do not expect visitors.
  • If the hotel staffs calls unexpectedly, call the reception. 
  • Before going to sleep acquaint yourself with the emergency exit routes.

Security equipment available
  • Portable smoke and burglary alarm.
  • Smoke mask
  • Torch
  • Pocket knife
  • Rope

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Edited 21 January 2009