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When do I need to contact a doctor?
- when do I need to contact a doctor?

In most industrialized countries, it is not difficult to find qualified medical assistance if needed.
It may be a problem in third world countries, especially in remote areas. Even in major cities medical services can be a questionable and the quality may differ a lot between physicians, public and private hospitals.

If living in a third world country one should identify physicians and hospitals which can be used in case of an emergency. Your travel insurance company will be able to assist you.

When should I seek medical advice?
  • high fever;
  • strong headache especially if there is vomiting and nausea at the same;
  • rash and fever;
  • vomiting continuously over several days;
  • diarrhoea over several days especially if accompanied by fever;
  • strong abdominal pains;
  • animal bites.

    Edited: 7 March 2009