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Sun and sunburn
Exposure to the sun may cause sunburn, increased pigmentation, eye pain (snow blindness) and after years of exposure skin cancer.

Skin cancer increase rapidly these years in light skinned Caucasians probably due to increased sun bathing and increased travels to tropical and subtropical areas.

The sunlight is strongest in the middle of the day and the effect is enhanced by sand, water and snow, which reflect the light.
Sunlight can therefore give burns even if you are in the shade and through loose and tight clothes.
A tropical sun can cause sunburns in light skinned individuals in less than half an hour.Protection is particularly important in the beginning of the travel.

Protection consist of:
  • using loose but tight woven clothes;
  • protecting the skin by using an ointment with a high protective factor against the suns UV light for instance factor 20. The ointment should be applied every hours and after swimming. Children can use the ointment.
  • use sunglasses, hat and a parasol;
  • children are easier sunburned than adults and need extra protection like clothes or a parasol.

    Edited 26 December 2008