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Heat stroke
Heat stroke are seen in hot and humid climates where the body acn not get rid of excessive body heat.

A hot and humid climate is a strain on the body, as we need to get rid of excess body heat. Travellers with chronic heart and lung diseases should discuss travelling with their physician and should sleep in rooms with air-condition. During the first days after arrival the body loose large amounts of salt through perspiration, and salt depletion may cause vertigo and unconsciousness. Taking extra salt during the first 3 to 4 days after arrival prevents salt depletions.

Heat stroke
Heat stroke is an acute, life threatening condition where the body cannot get rid of heat. The condition is seen is hot and humid climates and poor physical condition often in connection with excessive alcohol predispose to heat stroke.In the beginning the symptoms are general malaise and reduced perspiration. The dry skin becomes opaque and red and severe headache and reduced consciousness follows.
At this time the body temperature raise rapidly, and treatment is life saving.

Heat stroke is avoided by:
  • Adjust physical activity to your physical condition
  • Drink abundantly
  • Avoid tight and thick clothes

    Treatment of heat stroke
  • Undress the patient and cover him with wet towels and direct an electric fan towards him, or
  • Place the patient in a bathing tub with cold water and massage the skin at the same time to increase blood circulation
  • Urgent medical treatment is needed if possible.

    Edited 26 December 2008