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The poliovirus is transmitted through food and water contaminated with sewage.

Vaccination against polio is included in all childhood vaccination programmes. There is lifelong protection after the vaccinations.

Inactivated (killed) polio vaccine An inactivated vaccine for injection is used in most industrialized countries. Protection is life-long after three vaccinations.

Most often a mild diarrhoea. Paralysis may be seen in all muscle groups starting as weakness and steering problem in a limb. Serious infections may be accompanied by fever.

Antibodies in a blood sample. Culture of the virus or detection of virus DNA in a stool sample.

Supportive only. No specific antiviral drugs available.


More about polio
Wild polio virus is now only found in certain countries in Africa especially Nigeria, and in India. Cases of vaccine-virus related polio is seen in rare cases, and because of this there is a shift in low risk countries from the oral vaccine to the inactivated vaccine.

Further information: W.H.O. Polio

Edited 14 December 2008
Forekomst af poliovirus i 2000 og 2001