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Hepatitis A (infectious hepatitis)
The virus is found in the intestine and infects through water and food contaminated by sewage.

Vaccination or gammaglobulin?
  • The vaccine protects for at least 25 years probably life long, and has few side effects.

    Gammaglobulin is obsolete.

    The vaccine against heaptis A contains inactivated hepatitis A virus.
  • One vaccination protects up to 1 year, and a second vaccination after 6 to 12 months protects for 25 years probably lifelong.
  • Vaccination against hepatitis A can be combined with vaccination against hepatitis B. This requires 2 vaccinations with at least 4 weeks in between before there is protection against both infections.

    Tiredness, jaundice and sometimes fever.

    Antibodies against hepatitis A can be found in a blood sample.

    Supportive only. No specific antiviral drugs available.

    Vaccination. Be careful with food and drink. See how to protect yourselves against diarrhoea and infection with hepatitis A.

    Further information:W.H.O. Hepatitis

    Edited 10 December 2008