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Malaria, Dominican Republic
4 December 2004
The 10th November ProMED reported a single case of malaria in a returned traveller from the Dominican Republic and over the next two weeks seven more cases of falciparum malaria were reported. All patients had visited the Punta Cana area (La Altagracia province) or San Francisco de Macoris (Duarte province), and none had taken malaria prophylaxis.
The 24th November the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control) recommende that travellers to the two provinces should use prophylaxis and a further case were reported the 28th November from Toronto, Canada.

Sources: ProMED 28 November, CDC 24 November, ProMED 10 November

There is no doubt that there is an increased risk of severe falciparum malaria in the Dominican Republic. Travellers to La Altagracia province and Duarte province should use prophylaxis and chloroquine is sufficient.