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Meningitis, Uganda
21 January 2009

The Ministry of Health has reported an outbreak of meningitis in Masindi district, Hoima and Arua districts, with that 15 in Masindi, with 4 deaths.

The outbreak in Masindi follows reported outbreaks in Dadama and Oluko sub-counties in Arua and Kigorobya sub-county in Hoima. and ministry is preparing mass vaccination in the affected districts.


Source: The New Vision 

Vaccination against bacterial meningitis is recommended for all travelers to Uganda staying for more than 4 weeks. Visitors to the districts mentioned here and neiboring districts should consider vaccination against meningitis even for shorter visits.

The type of meningtitis is not known. The usual vaccine protects against subtype A and C, but a vaccine protecting against 4 subtypes A, C, W135 and Y also exist and should be used until the subtype causing the outbreak is known.