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New case of Yellow fever in Brazil
13 April 2009
Another town in Sao Paulo state has registered a case of yellow fever in a youth of 20 years at a the Avare resort ranch, 249 km from Sao Paulo city and 69 km from Piraju, where 7 deaths from yellow fever have been confirmed. This is the 1st case of the disease contracted in the town. Avare is a tourist town with many farm-hotels, and around 70 000 doses of YF vaccine have been applied to the population of Avare, which has 86 000 inhabitants. 

: ProMED 

Comment on yellow fever in Brazil: vaccination 
From October 2008 to March this year, 1 980 000 doses of vaccine against yellow fever were distributed in the state. The new cases underline that all travelers to Brazil must be vaccination against yellow fever.