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Chikungunya virus, Thailand, India and Malaysia
4 August 2009
Since January 2009, a growing number of cases of chikungunya fever has been reported in parts of Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and India.
In Thailand, over 34,200 cases have been documented this year in 50 provinces, with no deaths reported. The most affected areas are the southern provinces of Songula, Narathiwat, Pattani, and Yala.  
The Ministry of Health in Malysia has reported over 2,900 cases of chikungunya fever. The most affected areas are the northern provinces of Kedah, followed by Selangor, Kelantan, Perak and Sarawak.
The Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme in India has reported over 2,700 suspected cases of chikungunya fever, with no deaths reported. The most affected areas are the Karnataka, followed by  Andhra, Goa, and Kerala states.

Source: CDC

Chikungunya is caused by a virus which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Chikungunya is usually a mild, febrile illness with a low mortality. There is no vaccine.