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Japanese encephalitis Uttar Pradesh
21 September 2009
The Press Trust of India reported Sunday the 20th September 2009 that 11 children have died of Japanese encephalitis in past 2 days, bringing the toll to the epidemic in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, northern India, to 311 so far in 2009.
A total of 1521 patients suffering from Japanese encephalitis and acute encephalitis syndrome have been admitted to hospital this year and 311 of them have died, said the report.

Source: ProMED

It is not clear how many cases are actually due to japanese encephalitis and if outher virus are mixed up in the outbreak. There is no information on how many cases have been laboratory confirmed.
Nevertheless, travellers staying in rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, especially Gorakhpur district should consider immunization against japanese encephalitis.