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Influenza A/H1N1 6 December
6 December 2009
Since week 41 the numbers of deaths each has shown a steady increase almost doubling every fortnight over the last six weeks, although there was only a 6% increase in week 47, compared to the previous week. While the most deaths have to date been in Western Europe there are increasing numbers of deaths being reported from Central and Eastern Europe. 
Source: ECDC

Activity continued to decline over the past week. This is the fifth consecutive week of national decreases in ILI after four consecutive weeks of sharp increases. Eight of ten regions continue to report ILI activity above what is expected for this time of year. Two regions (Region 6 and Region 10) are reporting little ILI activity. While ILI has declined, visits to doctors for influenza-like illness still remain elevated nationally.
Source: CDC

The avtivity continued to decline in week 48. The highest reported activity was in northern Norway with 6% of visits to the general practitioners being due to influenza like illness.
Source: Folkehelseinstituttet

The activity continued to decline during week 48.
Source: Smittskyddsinstitutet

The activity is also declining in Denmark, and it is estimated, that approximately 10% of the population has been infected.
Source: Statens Seruminstitut

The activity is declining throughout Europe. A second wave later the same winter season has been seen in previous pandemics, and an increasing activity in January or February would not be surprising. Sporadic transmission is expected ontil the end of April.