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Dengue fever update
13 December 2009
Three cases of dengue fever were reported from cairns, Quensland 2 weeks ago, and two more cases were reported last week, one from Cairns and one from Townsville.

The number of cases continues to rise in the State of Rondonia. Since January more than 1,000 cases have been reported with 70 new cases last week alone. The Riozinho district, 10 km from Cacoal seems to be particularly hit.

The Ministry of Health has issued a nationwie warning about dengue fever. In the present outbreak, 819 cases have been reported with 99 last week.

Fifty new cases were reported last week mainly from La Suerte and San Clemente municipalities, which is part of Sgto. Jose Felix Lopez (Puentezino), Concepcion.

The University of Florida warns that dengue fever is returning to Florida after than 50 years of absence. Last week 20 cases of dengue infected locally were reported from Key West, Monroe County.

77.000 cases have been reported since January this year. The numbers are now declining in the southern provinces but increasing the the north. 17,140 cases were reported in September 14 deaths.

Source: ProMED