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Dengue fever update
4. March 2010

Puerto Rico

Health officials in Puerto Rico have declared an epidemic of dengue
fever. Health secretary Lorenzo Gonzalez says 210 cases have been
confirmed for January 2010, more than triple the number in the same
month of 2007. That year proved the worst for the US Caribbean
territory in nearly a decade, with 11 000 cases.

El Salvador

El Salvador health authorities declared a national health emergency
and on Saturday the 27 Feb 2010 announced a yellow alert due to the
increase in dengue cases, saying that they will immediately initiate
massive campaigns to eradicate the mosquito that transmits the disease.

Public health authorities have registered 1530 dengue cases in the
1st 7 weeks of 2010, something never seen in recent years. The
Ministry of Health registered 34 DHF cases, the fatal form of the
disease, but has not reported any fatalities. This number is double
the cases registered in 2006.

Sri Lanka

There is a sharp increase in the number of patients with dengue fever in Colombo, Gampaha, and Jaffna districts. Over 8000 dengue cases have been reported so far in the 1st 2 months of the year 2010 and 46 of them have been fatal. So far 8001 cases have been reported for the months of January and February opposed to the 2227 cases reported in 2009.

Source: ProMED