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Dengue fever, latest update
2 May 2010
Australia (north Queensland) 
A 3rd Townsville resident is believed to have contracted dengue fever after an outbreak was declared in the north Queensland city last week. 

Bahamas and the Dominican Republic 
One reported case of dengue fever was discovered in New Providence 2 weeks ago. The last time a case of the virus was reported was in October 2003, when 2 cases were reported. The Bahamas is particularly concerned in light of the outbreaks of dengue fever and related deaths unfolding in the Dominican Republic. There have been nearly 2000 cases of dengue fever since new year 

Brazil (Sao Paulo) 
Sao Paulo city now has 2127 confirmed dengue cases from 1 Jan 2010. In just one week, 266 new cases were confirmed, which represents an increase of 14 percent. In the Santos lowlands region, there now are 9786 confirmed cases of the disease wit 29 deaths. At least 5 cities of the region now have confirmed that they are experiencing a dengue epidemic. 

Brazil (Ribeirao Preto) 
12 223 confirmed cases has been confirmed in Ribeirao Preto from the 1st January until the 21st April 2010. 

Brazil (Alagoas) 
From the 1695 reported suspected cases in 2009, the number jumped to 7264 as of the 14th week of 2010. 

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 
1,639 cases of the dengue fever has been recorded so far in 2010 in the city, Kuala Lumpur City . residents on the harm caused by the  Aedes mosquito. 

Paraguay (Asuncion) 
Dengue virus serotypes 1, 2 and 3 is reported from Paraguay. The current numbers of dengue cases in Asuncion or the Central department was 1828 laboratory confirmed cases. 

Saudi Arabia 
94 new cases were detected in Jeddah last week, bringing the total number of cases since the 1st of January to 363. 

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