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European Commission - Draft Guidelines
From the European Commission

Draft Guidelines on Quality Criteria for Health Related Websites

Transparency and Honesty
Transparency of provider of site - name, physical address and electronic address of the person or organisation responsible for the site.

Transparency of purpose and objective of the site (including any commercial purposes).

Target audience clearly defined (further detail on purpose, multiple audience could be defined at different levels).

Transparency of sources of funding for site (grants, sponsors, advertisers, non-profit, voluntary assistance).

Clear statement of sources for all information provided and date of publication of source.

Name and credentials of all human/institutional providers of information put up on the site, including dates at which credentials were received.

Privacy, security and confidentiality policy and systems to be clearly defined, including required option for the storage of any personal data.

Clear and regular updating of the site, with up-date date clearly displayed for each page and/or item as relevant.

Accountability - user feedback, and appropriate oversight responsibility (such as a key quality compliance officer for each site).

Responsible partnering - all efforts should be made to ensure that partnering or linking to other websites is undertaken only with trustworthy individuals and organisations who themselves comply with relevant codes of good practice.

Editorial policy - clear statement describing what procedure was used for selection of content.

Accessibility - attention to guidelines on physical accessibility as well as general findability, searchability, readability, usability, etc.

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