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Malaria - sources of information

The distribution of malaria in a specific country is shown on the interactive maps below the search result for each country where malaria may be a risk.

The areas where we recommend malaria prophylaxis is based on information obtained from:

The W.H.O. International Travel and Health 2008 

Mapping Malaria Risk in Africa - MARA 

The W.H.O. World Malaria Report 2008 

Areas in countries with malaria, where prophylaxis with drugs is not recommended may pose a small risk of infection and prophylaxis with impregnated bed nets and repellents is still advisable.

However, the risk is so small that the risk of side effects far exceeds the risk of malaria. 

If you gets fever after travelling in a country where there is malaria in part of the country, you still need to contact your doctor if you are sick for more than two days, and inform that you have travelled in an area where malaria may occur.

Edited 28 December 2008